Saturday, December 5, 2009


November 29, 2009
A long day...
We were notified that our new front door had come in so on Saturday, November 28, Dave and I drove to Rochester, Lyell Ave., to be exact, to pick up our new front door at Rochester Colonial Windows and Doors.

We actually ordered our door from the company's showroom in Henrietta but pickup was at their Rochester location. We had often heard good things about Rochester Colonial and also that they pretty much could build you what you wanted. That appealed to us. What did not appeal to us was the gentleman who first met with us when we entered the showroom to look for a door.

We thought we wanted a wooden finished door, perhaps oak. We were not positive and really didn't know prices. When we met with this salesman, he immediately said the wood doors were "very expensive." We practically had to beg for him to tell us anything about them and for any pricing. FINALLY, he told us that a wooden door would start at $3,000-$4,000. Well, he was right, a wooden door was out of our price range, though he didn't come right out and say it. We must have looked like country bumpkins who couldn't afford anything. We just thought he was kind of rude. Not to mention, he kept forgetting things that we said we did want when we decided on the fiberglass door that we did purchase. We were not impressed. The door, including hardware, was $900, a far cry from $3,000 but to us, expensive all the same.

The saving grace for this company as far as we are concerned is that we truly like our front door and are happy with it and when we picked up the door at the showroom and manufacturing facility in Rochester, the help couldn't have been kinder and more considerate. They have redeemed their image in our minds but they might want to have a chat with the salesman in Henrietta. I have provided a link to the Rochester Colonial Web site.

The next day was Sunday and we spent the entire day installing this door but the effort was worth it, we think.

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