Sunday, June 3, 2012

Steady She Goes 2!

There is such a difference in the height of the floor that we have to shim some of the feet of the dresser. Yup. Three of the four feet needed shims and they are different heights, too. We are staining them to match the dresser pretty well. 

In this picture you can get an idea of the difference in height by the shims that have been glued to the bottom of the feet. These have not yet been stained.

Steady She Goes!

The original oak dresser, at one time, had casters on the legs. The remains of those were still there. There were little round metal holders for the casters on the feet of the dresser. 

As stated in another post, the bathroom floor has about a two inch differentiation in heights from one end to the other, which makes for an uneven vanity. 

The first thing Dave did was plugged the holes in the feet of the dresser with doweling. That's done and the doweling has been trimmed even with the feet. He is also going to put feet into these dowels. I'm not sure why we can't just have the feet on the floor as they are, but I'm not the boss in this department so I'll let him run that show.

Here's what this looks like right now.

Why Can't It Just Work the First Time???

So here we go again...

I loved how the finish on the modified oak dresser looked after I put it on and how good it was going to look as our downstairs bath vanity. Not only that, I was thrilled that it was one more job that was getting completed.

Everything was going along according to plan but then...

Dave attempted to install the backsplash and when he removed some blue, low-stick masking tape from it, the entire finish came off! 

Before I began the finish on the top of the vanity, we cleaned it well and believed there was NO wax on the surface. I guess we were wrong. 

So, Dave sanded down the entire surface and now we have a clean top to work with - again.

Here's what it looks like now. We decided to get it installed and then I'll work on the finish again.