Sunday, March 21, 2010


Dave and I were in Lowe's a couple of weeks ago. We were just browsing (getting ideas) and were looking through the drapery hardware area. Now available are rods with like a cracked knob at the ends. It occurred to me that we have antique doorknobs that would work well with the same idea. We will be able to reuse a vintage item in a new way. We like that idea a lot. When we get closer to doing drapery hardware, I'll post our method here.

Travel around and get ideas.


If you live anywhere within a couple hours of the Finger Lakes area of New York State, you might want to get some decorating inspiration by taking a day trip to Aurora, New York and Mackenzie-Childs. I have provided a link here and also on the right.

Dave and I have been to Mackenzie-Childs a couple of times, the last time in February. Now that we are closer to decorating it was great to go there for ideas. If you go you MUST tour the farmhouse where they have used their decorative items throughout. However, don't just look at the decorative pieces, but also look at the wall treatments, faux wood painting and staining techniques, flooring, etc. It's really quite a treat. If you go during the Spring or Summer, you will also love the grounds with all the flowers. It's beautiful. I have included a picture, above.

Once the upstairs bathroom is complete, finishing our stairs is the next priority. Dave and I have been considering different finishing options for the stairs. We definitely want newel posts but realize they are very, very expensive. We simplified the design and hope Dave can build them. We thought we would most likely make them from oak and finish them. The cost is high. When we went to Mackenzie-Childs we came up with another idea that was very, very cost effective and would be easy to do. And, we could use a less expensive species of wood, like poplar. I think on the third floor of the farmhouse at Mackenzie-Childs they have used a faux staining on a stair handrail. It was perfect. We've already done some faux staining on the doors so we are familiar with the process and we really liked the way it looked - very different. Our thought is we would do this faux staining on the handrail, the newels and the steps. We anticipate painting the barley twist spindles and the risers white. I have included a picture of the garden balls above and while we think we might want to do the butterfly one, I'm a little on the fence about it. We'll see as the time draws nearer.

The other idea we came up with at Mackenzie-Childs was to use garden balls for the decoration on the newel post. We knew we wanted to do something different on the bottom two newel posts. What we came up with was to use the Butterfly Garden Ball from M-C on each of the two newels. The colors on this ball include colors in our home.


We have started to get ideas for finishing our interior at Hardy House.

First, we still need to finish the upstairs bathroom. That is our very first priority. We have taken our measurements and Dave has begun laying out the cabinetry cutting layouts in his CAD software. We are going to have fairly simple cabinetry and probably use glass knobs, like Depression-era glass. If we don't find true vintage hardware, we will probably purchase reproduction. The cabinetry will be white with black marble counters. I'm undecided whether to use amethyst or green knobs but I think I am leaning toward green. I plan to put a white plantation shutter on the window. Check back to see what this will all look like.


Well - it has been a couple of months since I last blogged about Hardy House. Life is moving forward and we continue to work on stuff, it seems, that doesn't show.

What has happened is we have received our first check from New York State for several hundreds of dollars as a rebate for some of our energy enhancements. That is great news. We are, however, still waiting on the Federal government for the big check. All money is going toward paying the debt we incurred during our renovation. We have also received approximately $75 in cash from turning in the steel and cast iron that we removed from the house in the form of our old heating system, including our oil tank. Yes, you can recycle your oil tank but you need to have the oil emptied from it. We have a great recycling center about eight miles from us called Alpco Recycling. We received $.10 a pound for our metal. We are taking our last load to Alpco today.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I love Hardy House.
We are due for a winter storm today and tomorrow which should drop about a foot of snow on us. The wind has been howling and the snow blowing and not even a window is rattling at Hardy House. We are warm and snug and happy.

We truly live in Hardy House.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year to everyone!

2010 should be a wonderful year. Hardy House will get work done as we can - with time and money. But we are in and all is well (except for Dave - he still has a cold which is very odd for him).

We attended a lovely party last night in a fabulously decorated large brick village home. Joan and Rick - thank you for a great time.

Today we will be going to Dick and Carol's for food, drink, friends, and football. It should be a wonderful time.

I don't normally make New Year's resolutions. Do you? I can tell you all that we will have two weddings taking place in our family in 2010. Jess and Jason and Kenny and Stephanie. We are looking forward to their official union this year.

Hardy House wishes all of you a happy and healthy 2010. Keep watching Hardy House as the work continues.