Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well - it has been a couple of months since I last blogged about Hardy House. Life is moving forward and we continue to work on stuff, it seems, that doesn't show.

What has happened is we have received our first check from New York State for several hundreds of dollars as a rebate for some of our energy enhancements. That is great news. We are, however, still waiting on the Federal government for the big check. All money is going toward paying the debt we incurred during our renovation. We have also received approximately $75 in cash from turning in the steel and cast iron that we removed from the house in the form of our old heating system, including our oil tank. Yes, you can recycle your oil tank but you need to have the oil emptied from it. We have a great recycling center about eight miles from us called Alpco Recycling. We received $.10 a pound for our metal. We are taking our last load to Alpco today.

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