Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Think Spring
I decided to update Hardy House's portrait. My son did some landscaping for us over the summer and this was the result. I think it looks nice, don't you? We planted hydrangeas which I think will look nice as they get larger. They sort of give that old-fashioned kind of look that I think works well with the style and period of our home. The porch needs work but we will probably have to rip a lot of it out and rebuild it. A mason has looked at it and told us a repair will not work. So there we are...it gets added to the never-ending list of things to do.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
Well, it's now well into 2013 and life marches on.

This picture is a view to our back field, however, last weekend we had record warm temperatures and all the snow melted. Alas, that warm weather does not last and we are getting colder and colder and will expect more snow soon.

Dave and I have created a "to do" list for the month of January. An item on that list is to get the drawers finished for the downstairs vanity and get them installed. This, as with every project at Hardy House, has been more difficult than planned. The drawers had to be cut to work around the plumbing. This we anticipated. What we didn't realize is the poor shape the drawers were in. Dave has been repairing and re-gluing them. A couple are still in clamps and one may be ready for installation tonight. Actually, with the warm weather this past weekend he was able to work on these. The barn is just too cold this time of year, otherwise. It really limits our ability to work on things.

So the rest of the items on the "to do" list for this month are mainly ensuring the designs are solid and accurate for the rest of the built-ins in the house. We also hope to hang the door to the basement. This all doesn't seem like much but Dave's a busy guy at work so time is limited and the weather is limiting. We do what we can.

What are your plans for the next couple of months?