Saturday, December 5, 2009


November 8:
We needed rugs and we needed them fairly quickly. The guys (Gene and Kevin) were coming to finish the duct work and we needed to know where to put them and we needed to make sure the rugs we did get were not going to cover the grates.

I found a store that I love and if you're in the area (or not) I suggest you check out The Oriental Rug Mart (see link to the right) in Victor, across from Eastview Mall and behind K-Mart (not associated with K-Mart).

These three pictures show you the rugs we purchased and we love them. Of course, I love textiles anyway, but let me tell you what I loved about this shop:

1. Selection - it's huge.
2. They have every variety of oriental rug you can think of and some others as well.
3. Knowledgeable. They know their stuff and they love what they do. I urge you to talk to them about what they love and ask them about each rug. You won't be disappointed.
4. Repair. They can repair oriental rugs and they have expert staff. They can even prepare your rug for hanging if that is how you want to use your rug. Trust me, the rugs are worthy of hanging on your wall.
5. Cleaning. They can clean your rugs for you.
6. They have a take-home policy. I was able to bring the rugs home that I was interested in, lay them down and try them out. I only brought back the ones I did not want.
7. Pricing - quite reasonable.

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