Sunday, December 13, 2009


The doors are a lot of effort but we love the way they are turning out.

As in a previous post, we noted that we purchased four interior doors but to get the space opened up sooner, we decided to tackle finishing only the two most critical doors right now. Those doors belong at the top of the stairs (the 15-light door) and what I call, "The Harry Potter Under the Stairs Door," because of its diminished size.

We began the process for these doors out in the freezing barn by separating the doors from the frames and sanding everything. We also wet the bare wood down to raise the grain then sanded again.

Dave found a recipe for a finished look in the magazine, Fine Homebuilding. Here is a link to the Fine Homebuilding article ( To read the entire article you need to become a member, or you could find an old issue. We have been following that process but have made a few modifications. I hope to post my own how-to article for the process we followed. I have a lot of pictures about that process. Today, we hope to finish the two doors and get them hung. These are the starter pictures. The point to following the process was to take unfinished doors from an inexpensive wood species (in our case, pine) and make them look like a much nicer wood and finish. This has worked. We just love the way the doors are finishing up. What were going to be painted pine doors now look like beautiful mahogany.

We bought inexpensive sawhorse holders and had to cut 2 x 4s to accomodate them so we could create a place to hold the doors in the house while we worked on them. Of course, that added a bit of time to the job--in the freezing barn. But all is well.

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