Saturday, December 5, 2009


November 29, 2009
In one of the previous DOOR pictures you can see the front of Hardy House now sporting a porch light and an electrical outlet. Hardy House, to our knowledge, has never had a porch light. This excites us. :)

I have also included another picture here of the dining room that gives some idea as to other lighting we have in the house. In a previous blog I talked about the Nora lights. You can see some in this picture. They are the little white lights in the ceiling that light up the walls. We purchased museum quality bulbs at varying light spans. We also have one of these in the short hallway and in the stairwell.

The ceiling light in the dining room is another auction find. We had it over the dining room table before this remodel and we like it well enough to not spend the money now to change it. It has been reinstalled here (though the ceiling plate is not screwed down yet in this picture). We paid $25 for it at auction and Dave rewired it. I think that was three years ago. Works. great.

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