Sunday, December 27, 2009


We never got the doors hung. It was the week before Christmas and a simple project, as most, turned into a difficult project. In a previous post I mentioned that the hinges were different on the doors. To get them set properly in the doors was going to require a lot of hand-chiseling or moving the doors out to the barn to use the router. We were exhausted and frustrated. It was decided that we would just deal with it and the doors would not be hung. If we were going to knock down the temporary wall and have Christmas we had to ratchet up our progress. This was difficult as we were already so tired. I told Dave that he would have to let his family know immediately if we were not going to be able to host Christmas Eve, as it was our turn. We were expecting 13 people for dinner in 6 days--and Christmas with another 7 for dinner. We still had a split house, no furniture (which we didn't even know if it had survived the barn), no cleaning, etc.

The doors were put on hold, so to speak. They are standing up in the downstairs, unfinished bathroom. Dave made a temporary door from plywood and placed that over the basement stairs. A paint can is holding it closed.

So there you have it. The doors are another day. We tried.

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