Sunday, December 27, 2009


This was probably one of the more exciting moments at Hardy House. Last Saturday night (December 19th) we cut through the wall to the front of Hardy House. We opened our home, finally. No more walking out the back door and around the house to get to the front of the house. One and one half years later and we did it. I can't believe it has been that long, nor can I believe we lived where and how we lived for that long. It is shocking to me. I honored the moment of the wall coming down with a picture. It shows Dave cutting through the wall and just a glimmer of light coming through the crack. The other picture shows Dave in the new part of the house as I'm standing in the old part of the house (pretty much where the shower is). I told Dave it felt as significant to me as the demolition of the Berlin Wall. Stupid, perhaps, but telling all the same.

I felt the house breath. But here we were, 6 days from Christmas, 5 days from Hardy House's first time entertaining, and we didn't even know if we had survivable furniture. I also still had to finish Christmas shopping, planning dinners, grocery shopping, and wrapping every single Christmas present. To say we were overwhelmed was another understatement. Dave had to work Monday-Wednesday, December 21-23, and I had to work December 21-22 and took Wednesday the 23rd as a vacation day. We had a few late nights.

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