Sunday, December 13, 2009


Here is a picture from upstairs in Hardy House. I know, the purple on the bedroom wall may seem a little garish but we are sort of looking at Craftsman, Aesthetic, Arts & Crafts decorating/styling and are hitting this room with it. I had purchased new Flokati rugs (I know, not of the same styling but I'm also looking for comfort) for next to the bed but last week I won at auction an almost 8 x 9 foot hooked rug that has a large floral design in it in purples, sages and ivories - same colors as in the house. We have taken it to the Oriental Rug Mart (see link) to have it cleaned. After we get it back we will try it in the bedroom. If it doesn't fit or look right, we will sell it. The rug would also look amazing hung on a wall.

This picture was taken from standing back near the dressing/drawer area at Hardy House and looking dead on into the bedroom. In pictures Hardy House looks very angular and I guess it is, but that's something we like about it.

Oh, yeah. The ceiling light in the bedroom will not be staying. We just couldn't decide what we want to do there so we put up an old light we had. It doesn't go with ANYTHING, but it works for the moment.

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