Saturday, December 5, 2009


November 8:
We have gotten some of the painting done in this picture. The first picture is looking south in our dining room. The color of the walls is called Vanilla Custard but we think it looks more like a lemon or butter yellow now that it's on the walls. That's okay as we like it just the same. It really does change color as the exterior light plays around the house. It sometimes takes on a shade of the palest green, it seems. The white boxes in the corners just have a thin coat of primer on them. They will be hidden behind cabinetry on that end of the wall. The boxes hide duct work.

Vanilla Custard is the paint color we are using for most of the house. The exceptions are one wall in the bedroom, the den, and the bathrooms.

The lights hanging down will be centered over some buffet space that has yet to be built. That is finish work which I expect we will be working at for a long time.

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