Saturday, December 5, 2009


It's hard to admit it, but I am aging. Along with that aging comes changes. Mine is in the form of menopause. Friends, this event in my life is being greeted with a fight.

Fairly suddenly over the last few months I have grown weary, I suffer from frequent insomnia, I am severely cranky and downright miserable. You will probably read into that that if I am that miserable, so must be Dave. Well, it's true. I have been pretty unbearable to live with. I attributed it to the house not being done. October and November proved to be extremely difficult times for Dave and I. But alas, as Dave and I do, we have worked it all out.

How? I have found some herbal remedies that have worked for me and I am now sleeping soundly and my crankiness has about disappeared. Life is going just great now and of course, it doesn't hurt that Hardy House is coming down the stretch into final phases.

My thoughts to you, dear followers, is that if you plan a major remodel or a rebuild or a new build, or anything along those lines, either wait until after menopause, do it before you get to menopause, or see a doctor to make the unpredictability of your behavior a little calmer. Good luck.

Now, back to Hardy House and all our progress. I hope you like what we've been doing.

Come in and welcome to our home...

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