Sunday, March 1, 2009

We LOVE Our Contractor

How do you get a contractor?
Well, we asked around.

What We Looked For
1. Someone who could appreciate our house and our vision for it.
2. We wanted a person who we could afford.
3. We wanted a person we could trust.
4. We wanted a person who was responsible and did what he said he was going to do when he said he was going to do it.
5. We wanted someone that would respect our home.
6. We wanted someone with experience.
7. We wanted someone with a crew that had the same values and respect.

What We Got
1. Gerry Knibbs. (Millerd Knibbs is his real name).
2. A great crew.
3. A contractor who, when he said he was going to do something, did it, from the first phone call right through to the end.
4. A crew that respected our home and old homes in general.
5. A contractor and crew who cleaned up after themselves, daily.
6. A contractor and crew who also valued and considered our opinions.
7. Affordable. Perhaps not the least expensive contractor in the area but one who was extremely well thought of and who was recommended time and time again.
8. A contractor who was able to squeeze us in between other jobs he had which was a lifesaver for us because it was getting late in the season.
9. A contractor who is willing to come back and do any other work we need, from soup to nuts. They can do everything.
10. A respectable crew who were kind, polite, trustworthy, and considerate.

Need I say more? Of course I do. Here's his information:

M.J. Knibbs Construction LLC
526 A W. Main St.
Palmyra, NY 14522
(315) 597-3775

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