Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Colors of Nature

I made some decisions yesterday for our second floor "master suite."

My family is very artistically talented. When my parents lived in Arizona several years ago, my mother was homesick and painted three folk-art type paintings. They have beautiful blues and greens in them. I decided that I wanted to use those paintings upstairs in our home. They are connected to me emotionally and the colors speak of where we live. The colors are calming.

The color I have chosen for upstairs is Tavern Green with 50% white added. This is milk paint from Milk Paint, a company making historic paints. You can find a link to their color palette to the right. The color is a sagey green. I plan to use this color on the built-ins in the dressing area and in the bathroom. We plan to purchase the paint locally from Pittsford Lumber & Workshop. See a link to their site on the right.

Hardware has been another decision. I believe we are going to go with milk glass knobs and pulls on the built-ins. We can also buy doorknobs like that. Several companies probably sell these but we may go with the Vintage Hardware and Lighting Store. See a link to their site on the right. If we can buy these locally we will try to do so.

I am finding lighting to be the most difficult decision to make. So many choices and so many restrictions (placement). That's another blog. We are still a long way from installation but we do need to know placement now.

My mom and I went to Country Curtains yesterday (see a link to their site on the right). She needed new bedroom curtains and I looked around. This was a great opportunity to get my head around what I might choose. I think I found a plaid that works with the sage paint. I would only need to buy one set for the bedroom, then a valance for the bathroom and there is even a matching shower curtain that I could purchase.

Who knows? This could all change in a month. :)

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