Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last Gutting Pics Before Construction

Here are the last three gutting pictures before we start constructions.

One picture was taken from the living room looking into the dining room (with our gold front door).

Another picture shows to the left of the living room opening where there was an original door concealed, common for this period home. It probably originally went into the parlor or our living room. It will continue to be covered. We are not adding it back.

Another picture shows Dave and Stu consulting again. Note the chimney is still there. That will soon be gone. There was a lot of discussion about the ceilings and the beams because of the way we wanted to remodel the space.

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  1. Gutting a house has got to be the least fun element of renovation. I'm a big fan of the painting and decorating myself! We had to redo the electrics and plumbing when we moved into our current house. Thank god we had the help of the best electricians in Bedford!