Sunday, March 1, 2009

Once Again, Welcome To Our Home

Construction Has Started!
Dave and I both grew up in older homes with graceful lines, great woodwork, trim, and details. We still wanted those things but also wanted a home that would work for the way we live today. That became Hardy House. And we love the way it is evolving.

One of the most exciting things, I think, was during construction we walked into the house and there on a back wall was Dave's simple plans tacked up on a nail. The construction crew was using his plans. That's not to say there weren't some adjustments because there were. Still it was very gratifying to see all our time and Dave's significant effort being used. (Note: Dave loves doing this kind of thing and though we recognize designing your home in simple CAD software is not to everyone's liking, it can be done.) An architect could probably do the design in an afternoon, but Dave and I spent months on this design, going back and forth. But to see the builders using it was worth every little snarky argument we might have had about it.

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