Thursday, March 5, 2009

About the Floors Part 2: Fly Swarms of Biblical Proportions

Yes. You read it correctly. Swarms of flies in biblical proportions. It was like a Steven King thriller.

Here's what happened. When we refinished the floor upstairs it was getting late in the season and getting cold. Dave had to heat the upstairs to be able to effectively finish the floor. The heat drew in clusters of flies, I guess through the uninsulated walls. The flies clung to the windows in large groups and then frequently landed on the newly refinished floors.

The icky part wasn't so much that they landed--but that they stuck. Some standing up, some on their backs, if it wasn't so gross it would be hysterically funny. Some flies that were stuck on their backs had their little legs in the air doing the bicycle motion.

What do you do in a situation like this? Other than freak out, you need to sand your beautifully refinished floors free of the little varmints. Yes we, no Dave (I wasn't about to do this!) had to scrape them all off the floor and sand and refinish the spots. He waited a week before scraping because the stuck flies weren't dead. He waited until they died before he scraped them. Ugh.

Cost of fly removal=sandpaper and another gallon of polyurethane: $32.04

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