Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Rest of the "Story"

This is the rest of the upstairs. The view in this picture is looking from our bedroom/sleeping area into the hall area. The entry to this room was widened considerably when the chimney was removed. We asked the contractor to open it up as much as possible. Again, we are looking for light and space in a formerly dark, somewhat cramped area.

To the right and left in the hall area are closets. At the back of the closet on the right will be a large drawer/drawers that will pull out and give us several cubic feet of storage for blankets, sheets, out-of-season clothing, etc. This pull out is being created from the wasted space behind the shower. My idea, I might add. :) I'm really looking forward to that great, hidden storage space.

To the left about half way down is the door to the stairs. Just opposite would be the bathroom.

As your eye travels to the end there is another skylight that faces north. This one does not open but emits a ton of natural light. This was very important as that part of the upstairs had no other natural light.

Along that wall (where the skylight is) and to the left will be approximately 15 feet of linear built-in drawers. They will run from the bathroom wall on the right down to the other wall. At the end of that wall will be a built-in-dressing table. There will be plenty of lighting.

The ceilings in the hall were also elevated by 12" and then beyond they were only elevated 6" because of constraints within the structure.

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