Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Stairs

We love how our stairs are coming together. The stairs are in the same place they were before but they are now open and with a new design. They are also much safer. I hope you like the picture. Our plan is to continue the bottom tread around, offering an additional seating spot during times of entertaining. It will probably also pop up so that we can store hats, carves,and mittens in there. We are currently investigating the kinds of spindles we want for the stairs. The window above lets in lots of natural light (This was the window in the office area at the top of the stairs.) Now, the stairs are a focal point of the house. They will be immediately apparent upon entering the house from the front door. And, the lower landing will be somewhat open to the kitchen area in the back of the house when that is completed.

The stairway opens to a newly formed hall area that is off the dining room. Beneath the stairs is a new entryway to the creepy basement where we will eventually build new stairs and maybe even start using the basement. It was important that we could get to the basement easily from inside the house.

Beyond is a full downstairs bath. We had anticipated (using Dave's design) that to get a full tub in that bath, we would not be able to get anything larger than a 4-foot bath. The builders figured out a way for us to get a standard-size bathtub in there.

Note: I am not fond of having bathrooms by windows. But, in this house that was a compromise I had to make. Both our baths will have full windows in them. We just need to come up with good privacy options.


  1. Hey Bets!
    Just wanted you to know I LOVE your Hardy House Blog! Its great to be able to follow your progress, and see where are are. Id love to see a map of sorts- to visulize the layout of the house..can you do that for me? Keep on bloggin- along with the progress reports- the inof is really interesting,. (Im a big fan of "This Old House" :o)

  2. p.s. I still dont use spellcheck- obviously :o)

  3. Thanks for following, Joan! Better than a map, why don't you stop over sometime? We really should get together. I'm so happy you are here. I plan on adding some more to this blog tonight so staye tuned... :)

  4. I finally found where the "comments " went- right here :o)
    I still want a map