Thursday, March 5, 2009

The New Bedroom

It may not look much like a master bedroom, but remember, we are using the entire upstairs of our home for a "master suite." This particular picture is of our sleeping area.

The picture here shows us looking south into the bedroom. That window is the one that looks out to the horses. We had the skylight added. It is an opening skylight with a screen. You may remember from an earlier post that we loved to look at the stars and the moon. We are hoping to still be able to do that from this skylight as well as getting more fresh air and more light. This skylight will allow us to take advantage of the morning sun.

When we talked to my brother, the architect early on, we asked him if we could raise the ceilings without too many issues. He said sure. So, we had Gerry Knibbs and crew, our contractor, raise the ceilings in this room by 12". It has made a big difference. This was not our first choice for a bedroom area but it worked after many redesigns of the space. Eventually, we may add another skylight or a dormer to the west ceiling/roof line. We also at some point may enlarge the south window.

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