Thursday, March 5, 2009

Up, Up, And Away!

The new second floor of Hardy House
We now have the upstairs studded off. Is "studded" a word? This picture is looking into the new full/master bath. The door to it is directly across from the door from the stairs. (We are putting a door at the top of the stairs only because we have a dog and a cat and prefer they remained downstairs.)

Both doors (from the stairs and also into the bathroom) will have transom windows above the doors, letting in light and working to cross ventilate. The window is the front second-floor window where our bed used to be. Looking at this picture, a large shower will be to the right when you walk in the door. Because of the roofline there will be quite a bit of wasted space behind the shower but we are using that for something else which I will explain later.

The Shower
We had quite a fiasco ordering the shower. We researched a bunch of stuff, looked at a bunch of stuff, including tile and surrounds and came up with the decision to use Swanstone, a solid-surface product. Our fiasco was because we spent several hours one evening at Lowe's trying to order the product. The very helpful young man told us we couldn't get the size we wanted. Dave told him very nicely that we could as we had seen it on the Swanstone Web site. Unfortunately, Lowe's computers did not recognize what we needed. It ended up getting ordered incorrectly, took several weeks to appear because it was placed in the wrong part of the receiving area. When we finally got it, Dave and I struggled getting it home as it is heavier than you can imagine and we took it out of the box and wrapping and whoa! It was the wrong one. You see, we earlier realized the wrong one was ordered, tried to cancel the order, which couldn't be done (and another helpful young man went through a lot to get it cancelled eventually). So what happened was the new one had come in but we received the old one. All very confusing and time-consuming. I was really annoyed about this for a while. Anyway, we now have the parts but they are not yet installed.

Where the shower is going there was a hole in the floor which Dave had to repair. We opted to just put plywood over as it would not be seen. The cost of the shower unit, total, was $1,713.09 which included the walls and the shower pan. The walls were custom sized and we got as big a shower pan as we could for the space. We purchased these from Lowe's.

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