Saturday, October 24, 2009

Still in the Bathroom

This first picture is of the backside of a marble toilet base. Why? You say? Well, because we have wood floors in the bathroom we want to make sure that any moisture from the toilet (though we hope there won't ever be any) and any accidental misses (we also hope there won't be any of those, but you know how grandchildren can be...) will not damage the floor. You can pick up these marble bases in some home or hardware stores but we found Lowe's does NOT carry them. Our HEP dealer in Newark did, however. We purchased two of them - one for upstairs and one for down. In this first picture we are carefully cutting off the plastic covering from the bottom only. We wanted to keep the plastic on the top to further protect it until the bathroom is complete.

The second picture shows Dave starting to apply construction adhesive. NOTE: we already placed the base on the floor and measured it then measured the corners with painter's tape so that after we applied the adhesive we would know exactly where to place the base again.

The third picture shows the base after Dave applied more adhesive. Do you think he got enough on there? LOL. That base isn't going anywhere...

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