Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dresser/Vanity Part I

Because we haven't completed the vanity project yet, I will need to blog about it in a couple of different parts.

We do want to clean up the dresser but don't plan to refinish it. At least that's the current plan. Dave purchased a wood cleaner from the local home store. I don't recall the exact name of it at this time but it is made by Minwax. I haven't used it yet but when I do, I'll let you know what it is and how it worked.

One of the things that we need on this dresser is a backsplash that can be mounted to the dresser and also the wall. Of course, we want it to match the dresser. So, our first step was to purchase a piece of oak from The Home Depot. We also purchased a golden oak stain (from Minwax) at the same time. The piece of oak we purchased was longer than the dresser so we cut a piece from it. That cut off piece was what I used to practice the stain. If you want to stain something, the longer you leave the stain on without wiping it off, the darker the color will be. I tried to get a match to the dresser.

Before I stained the extra piece of oak, Dave and I cut the oak piece (the longer one) to the appropriate length to span the back of the dresser. We then used the router to rout the piece to give it a little more character. I then used the orbital sander and just hand sanding to get the piece nice and smooth. See the pictures.

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