Saturday, October 24, 2009

Betsy and Dave Rubble

That's right. Not Barney Rubble, but Betsy Rubble.

We have two exterior entrances to the basement. You know - those old bulkhead doors over stairs? Well, we have two of those and only decided to keep one. The doors on both are rotted and leaking (and those will be repaired at some point).

The stairs on the south side of the house are where the pipes are coming in for our geothermal system. In our wisdom, we decided we needed to remove the stairs and also start taking down some of the cisterns in the basement, dig a trench, etc.

The last two weekends, Dave rented a jackhammer and a concrete saw (electric and gas - two different ones). What a job that was! I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Dave took out the rubble and and I got to clean it up...

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