Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shower Power

In September Dave and I were able to install the shower base in the upstairs bathroom. As usual, we couldn't just put the dang thing in. Nope. We also had to reinforce (box in) the area where the plumbing was going to be (the ceiling of the den). Then we had to cut a round hole for the shower drain and hoped to you know who, that the hole wasn't going to hit the boxed area. Well, we pretty much DID hit the boxed in area but only just. We were luck.

The first picture is looking up at the den ceiling where the hole was being cut. The second picture shows Dave cutting the hole. We hat the Ryobi jigsaw. The blade kept moving. It was my Christmas give to him a couple of years ago and I was jobless. So I went cheaper and now we are paying for it in other ways. He'll get a new one eventually...

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