Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Sounds good, doesn't it?

Yippity Doooh Dah! Our downstairs floor has been installed. In fact, it was just completed about 15 minutes ago.

Why cherry cinnamon? That's the floor wood species and finish. Cherry with a cinnamon finish. I'll get pictures as soon as I can as it is very dark in that part of the house right now.

Okay - now for the reality check. I'm not sure I like it. Well, I really do like it but I need to get used to it. I've never had a new floor. And the wood is all the same size width. It is so PERFECT. I'm just not used to that but I'm SURE it will be okay once I get used to it.

We ordered the floor through Lowe's and they also subcontract to installers. They swore by the quality of their subcontractors and we went with it. We worked with Zack Buksic from The Viking Floors and were very happy with his work and his professionalism. Here's Zack's info:

Name: Zack Buksic
Company: The Viking Floors, Inc.
Address: 1424 Buffalo Rd., Suite 4, Rochester, NY 14624
Email: zack@thevikingfloors.com
Phone: (585) 328-4995
Fax: (585) 328-0850
Website: www.thevikingfloors.com

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