Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have found a product I love. It is red, which is one of my favorite colors, so already it has my heart. And - it's American made.

The Handy Paint Pail was found at The Home Depot. I hemmed and hawed about whether I should buy it (it was quite inexpensive, btw), but I did wonder if I was just buying into a gimmick because it had a handle and a magnet (when did they become gimmicks, I ask you?) I decided I didn't care. I had recently painted the shed and had so many cramps in my hand and my thumb actually went numb from holding the brush and a can (or plastic tub) that I threw financial security to the wind - I purchased The Handy Paint Pail.

Today, I used it. I love it.

What's so good about The Handy Paint Pail? Let me tell you -

1. It is small but holds a lot.
2. It is lightweight.
3. It is red.
4. It has a magnet. Why is this good? It holds onto your brush instead of your brush sinking up to its wooden neck in paint. It keeps your brush from swishing around and making a mess as you climb up and down ladders. It keeps your hands clean.
5. It cleans up easy.

It is wonderful. It is red. It is American made. I love The Handy Paint Pail.

Even Dave said, "Hey! That's pretty cool. I might want to use that." No way

Here's their Web site

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