Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to the Living Room

Safety first, of course. I wrote this little article called, "Personal Protection Gear for the Home or Room Remodeler." You might want to take a quick read before swinging your crowbar for the first time.

Since that first hole went into the living room, I figured I would put up some pictures of that room before we really started gutting. The first picture is looking to the north and east. The two-window wall is the wall that faces the road and the one you see in the Hardy House blog picture.

The second picture is from standing in the living room looking into the dining room. To the left of the opening is were a door was, original to the house. This was common and probably went into the parlor, or what we have now, the living room. We also pulled up wall-to-wall carpeting in the rooms and discarded it.

Advice: When pulling up carpet, cut it in strips with a utility knife. It makes it really easy to handle and throw into a dumpster or garbage can.

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