Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sealing Off the Rest of the House

As I said before, we are living in the back of the house. The back of the house consists of a kitchen which was remodeled in the 1980s and a family room that opens from the kitchen which was also added when the kitchen was remodeled, we believe. We also think that is when the siding was added to the house. Anyhow, within that space there is also a powder room with a washer and dryer. More on our bathroom issues later. :)

In the second dining room picture you can see at the opening that there is a wallboard/drywall boxed-in area. That area was the way to get to the kitchen. That is also where the stairs were (enclosed) to get up to the second floor. We sealed off the kitchen but left the area open to get to the stairway.

Now we could no longer get to the kitchen or family room from the front of the house which also included our only full bath, which equated to our only source of bathing (shower). We were now completely committed to our project.

Oh, this just gets better and better.

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