Monday, February 23, 2009


Last night, Dave and I spent some time deciding on window and door placement in the family room/kitchen area. The work on these two rooms (where we are currently living) will be done in Phase II of our remodeling project. We had to figure out placement and approximate sizes of the doors and windows now because we are having a consultant determine optimal placement of the ducts in the entire house, along with furnace/air size recommendations. I'll let you know how we make out. The consultant is fairly inexpensive but he requires a ton of measurements.

BTW - sometimes these decisions are a point of stress, especially when you are already tired. We made our decisions between 9 - 10:30 PM. Dave and I tend to want the same things but express them differently and that can make me snarky. :) I ended up pulling out our notebooks on things we like (see the picture elsewhere in this blog). By looking at the pictures we were able to actually show each other what we were thinking and get a visual on size. We also took a measuring tape around and got a visual that way. It does work to do that.

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