Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ready, Get Set, Pack!

Isn't this picture lovely?

Before you start ripping out any wall, you need to pack up your belongings. This may take a bit of time. It took us about a weekend. We didn't have enough boxes so we visited Uhaul and bought some. We spent approximately $50.00 on boxes but we can reuse them and we can also take them back to Uhaul and they'll let others use them or they will be recycled.

You are going to need somewhere to store your stuff. We were lucky. We have a big barn and that's where most everything is. If you don't have a barn, consider renting a storage unit of some kind.

We also are able to live in the back of our home while renovations are going on. This saves us tons of money in living expenses. We opted to work on our house in phases with the back part of our house (the kitchen and family room area) as our living quarters during this first phase.

It's tight quarters but luckily Dave and I get along really well. :)

So, when you start your remodel, expect close living quarters, expect messes, expect lost items, expect getting along without items, expect the renovation to take longer than you thought, expect to eat out frequently.

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