Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Dining Room

Here's another picture from standing in the dining room. In this picture you can see a closet/cabinet with doors removed and an entry to the bathroom. Most old houses have no closets or closets that were not much more than makeshift closets. This house is no exception. This closet held seasonal coats and a good chunk of my clothing. The top shelves also held a miscellaneous assortment of extra paper towels, serving platters, pop, and anything else we needed to store and we could find the room. Oh yeah, it also held the broom, dust pan, dust mop, and vacuum cleaner, and a bucket.

The picture also shows the opening to the living room.

You can also see fake brick which was covering a chimney that ran from the basement through the roof. When we moved in there was a great big old woodstove sitting right in front of that brick and it jutted out into the dining room.

We don't heat with wood and never planned to do so. We eventually removed the woodstove in the dining room and did a terrible patch job knowing the chimney would be coming out at some point. The stove also did not meet code as far as setbacks were concerned. It was a little scary. The woodstove in the back of the house also was not up to code as far as setbacks were concerned. That stove was also removed by us and we purchased a gas fireplace and stuck it there for the time being. This also supplied our heat in the back of the house as there was no other source other than that other woodstove.

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