Friday, September 4, 2009


Before the foam insulation was applied, we needed to have something for it to adhere to in the event we removed the siding from the exterior of the house. We could have used a cardboard but we instead chose pink, fan-fold insulation with an R-value of about 1. Again, with the house the way it was built, no two bays were the same as each other or even the same in one straight vertical shot. Therefore we needed to measure and cut every piece. The only easy thing was that we had a pretty good system of Dave measuring and cutting (utility knife works well) and I applied the sheets. This was again easy because the nails were exposed from the exterior siding (facing inward) and I could just pop the insulation on the walls (between the stud interiors) and the nail points secured the fan-fold. Here are a bunch of pics.

BTW - fan-fold is relatively inexpensive and also works well to protect your floors, especially if you are just working in a small area. It worked like a dream.

BTW2 - to cut the fan fold, we set up an old card table with an old piece of door slung across it. It made a great cutting board and was easily moved around the house.

BTW3 - we only did this insulation to exterior walls and did not do the ceiling.

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