Friday, September 4, 2009


Here are some lighting pics.

One of the things I did before we insulated was to take a picture of every single place there was a wire, duct, or any kind of plumbing. That way, we'll have a reference if we ever need to know where something is located behind a wall or underneath the insulation.

Okay - not many pics of the electrical. What I do have here are pics of the fans - one in each bathroom. Dave ordered them up and they will be super quiet. The other picture is of some of the eyeball lights we are putting in the house (Nora Lighting). They are adjustable spots lights of a sort to light up artwork and such things. They have a very big area they can light and their profile is small (4"). We have 6 in the house all together.

When you do your lighting, walk through every single room and figure out how you are going to use it and how it will be lighted and then you will figure out where to put switches, dimmers, and things like that.

We opted to only include dimmers in the dining room for right now as they are expensive when you start adding them to all your lights, though that is a goal.

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