Friday, September 4, 2009


Last weekend Dave and I built a couple of niches or book shelves to take advantage of some wasted space in the hall/closet area on the second floor. They came out good.

Here is a picture of one of the niches. There is an identical one across the hall from this one. Dave, of course, built a jig to drill the holes along each side of each niche for adjustable shelving. I did all the sanding and helped with construction and gluing up. We also added a strip along the front of the shelf to make it a little more finished. Eventually we will have molding around the box. If you add something like this niche, make sure you allow for the drywall to be added around it. That's why the box looks like it is sticking out. It is sticking out so that it can accomodate drywall. Our boxes will be painted. (The shelf is just propped in the box in this picture.)

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