Saturday, September 5, 2009


We are now at the nitty gritty so we are doing a little bit of work here and a little bit of work there.

Case in point, I insulated the water pipes. We used 1/2" and 3/4" gray pipe insulation. We used these sizes because those are the sizes of our water pipes. The insulation is a gray foam, extremely light weight and easy to use. The pipe insulation is split and has a peel-off area that, when removed, reveals the sticky edges where the insulation closes around the pipe. In this picture, the gray verticle stripes are where I insulated the pipes.

Did I say this was easy to use? It also cuts like a dream with a utility knife. :)

Just in front of the pipes are two verticle pieces of wood that were installed for blocking. This area is in the den and is for support when we hang a television on the wall. We also installed blocking for toilet paper rolls and towel pars and where we think we might use handrails in the future.

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