Saturday, July 25, 2009


Tomorrow, Jay Harding (Harding Electric) will be stopping by. We told him that we have finalized our electrical plan. We have realized that if we ever want to move in our space, we must hire some people to do work we know we could do ourselves - if we had time. So we are continuing to scrape together what money we can and hiring what we can.

Our plan for the interior is that Dave will lay all the fixture boxes because we are very, very specific of where we want them and not just on the nearest available stud. the outlets we are not as concerned about. We hope that Jay will give us a quote on doing the outlets, the switches, etc., and pulling all the wires. We are hoping that we can line him up for about two weeks from now. We shall see how everything goes.

We like working with Jay and he has done work for us before.

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