Saturday, July 25, 2009


Again I had the panicky thought of what if I screw this up? My clean piece of paper (home) and I'll pick the wrong colors.

After meeting with Bruce (see previous post) I realized that he was looking for what kinds of colors we planned on using in the house. I thought I had been thinking of pale yellow and maybe a little blue but I wasn't sure and didn't want a French kind of style. I have never felt comfortable with color but I seem to usually be able to put things together fairly well. But now...I just didn't know.

I went to Border's and found a book that I love. It's called THE COLOR SCHEME BIBLE by Anna Starmer. It has saved me. This is how it works:

The book is in sections by color. For example "Pinks." Then each page in that section has a description of the colors and what they are drawn from. But the best part is it gives a base color (like for walls), say Cranberry, and then gives you suggestions for complementary colors. For Cranberry it gives you dusky pink, soft stone, sage green and black. It also tells you where you might use these other colors (on the walls, furnishings, fabrics, etc.).

Dave and I agreed on a scheme for most of the house. We are going with an ivory with complementary colors of pebble, fern, green leaf, and orchid. The den, which is mostly Dave's creation is going to be in forest, celery, soft fern, and dark forest.

Again, by picking our color scheme we can move on to other things with this focus in our minds.

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