Saturday, July 25, 2009


Our insulation change was decided after attending the Rochester Home Show this past winter. We talked with several contractors but liked Mike Jag of Jag Construction ( Jag offers spray foam insulation and we liked what we heard. It is more expensive but the trade offs seem to be worth it. It will take only a few days to completely insulate our house and the insulating properties will be spectacular. Plus, Mike gave us a 10% show discount and there are tax advantages as well that made this a wise choice. We expect the insulation will be coming in within the next month.

Another point I got snitty about with Dave was that I felt like we are going to have to triple insulate the walls and this irritates me. First, we will be adding pink fan-fold insulation to the bare outer walls between the studs. This is for the foam insulation to adhere to. Next, the spray foam goes in (3"). Then, we have been told by another energy solution person (see later post) that we need to make sure there is no way for convection to occur in the walls, which will cause moisture. Therefore, we will be adding bat insulation on top of the foam. I'm irritated because it will be a three-step process now and also because it will cost us even more money. But, I don't think there is any choice. We move forward.

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