Saturday, August 1, 2009


I thought I would update this post with some pictures.

The bottom picture is a picture of Jay Harding of Harding Electric.

The top is a picture of Gene and his son.

Jay Harding of Harding Electric in Palmyra came out to see us this week and he is working on pulling together the electrical receptacles we need and want.

This morning, Dave and I will be going to Brighton to pick up our lighting fixtures from Tuthill Lighting on Monroe Avenue. Can't wait. One fixture has not come in yet and Bruce at Tuthill is working through the manufacturer to figure out the problem. I don't know which fixture is not here but I'll learn that later.

The sun is shining today. Yipee! We have had an awful lot of rain.

As part of our geothermal system going in, a man named Gene will be coming on Monday to cut holes in the house for the duct work.

I left Gerry Knibbs a message that we hope to be ready for drywall at the end of August. I haven't heard back from him yet on his availability.

I don't know if I mentioned before that our rough plumbing was finished about three weeks ago and passed inspection with no problems.

Yup. It's finally starting to all come together. I'm planning family dinners again for starting in January, after the holidays. Where will the holidays be this year? Our house, of course. :)

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