Sunday, May 10, 2009


I realize I said more "stuff" was coming - like pictures. So here are some more.

The Shower
Back in an earlier post I told you how Dave likes to keep things around and then all of a sudden he has found a use for them - and I only think he's a packrat of useless materials. Nope. He really does find needs for things.

As earlier stated, we had quite a fiasco with our shower situation. Well, before we could shower indoors at all, we had to rig up an indoor shower. You see, when you remodel an old home to this extent, sometimes you have to build temporary things. We had to build a temporary shower. And, once again, we were able to reuse old shower parts to do so.

This first picture (above) shows Dave building in a temporary area to hold our temporary indoor shower. This spot essentially closed us off from the front of the house where all the remodeling was taking place. To the right of Dave is drywall that backs to our kitchen cupboards and to the left is the old door to the second floor, which no longer exists. Just ahead of Dave is the entry to the dining room which also no longer exists.

The next pictures show where Dave built a box to hold the old bathroom fan (he wired a switch on the outside of the shower area to turn it off and on) and also the reused plumbing knobs and again we used that wonderful Pex to hook them up. We also reused the shower head. What we did have to purchase was the shower stall. But Dave and I were able to install that with no problems. We had to spend a little more than we wanted to for this but when it is something you must have and you must use it every day, I guess it was worth the cost. It sure beats bathing outside in the winter.

Two-piece shower unit from Home Depot: $339.00
One PVC shower drain from Home Depot: $6.28
Other miscellaneous items from Home Depot: $189.21
These items included drywall, couplings, PVC piping, caulk, etc.

We plan to be able to reuse the shower in the barn after the home renovation is complete.

Oh yes - I did my part. I found some old peach-colored paint and painted everything I could reach in the temporary shower area - even the floor. It really did make a difference and kept the humidity from damaging the drywall. I was also able to add a small stand to hold towels and even a candle. Dave hung our old towel bars, as well, so our towels would dry. It took a bit of time but was worth it.

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