Sunday, May 10, 2009


When Jerry Knibbs and his crew did construction in Hardy House, we asked that he build out 2". We did this so that we could accommodate 6" R21 wall insulation. Therefore, the ledgers built come out 2" from the studs.

As is typical for us--we change our minds. This is not a great thing to do as it costs money and adds time. But we did it anyway. We have decided to use sprayed-in polyurethane foam insulation, which will have a depth of approximately 3". This means we didn't have to build out the walls. Hindsight is lovely, isn't it?

Because the ledgers have been built out 2" we now are building out ALL the studs 2". The house will be stronger for it but it certainly takes a lot of time. We almost have the first floor completed and hope to finish that today. We also are adding framing around the windows to accommodate a little larger window when we replace those - down the road a bit.

This picture shows Dave working on building out the studs.

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