Monday, May 7, 2012

Downstairs Bath Vanity

Quite a long time ago we purchased an antique oak dresser from Brick House Antique Center here in Palmyra. We decided we would like to make a vanity out of it for our downstairs bath. So, like most things for this project, we bought it and it sat in the barn forever. Now that the plumbing was nearing, we needed to get that dresser out and get it in shape for a sink and plumbing.

Here are the drawers, removed.

Here is the sticker I found on the back of the dresser for the Atlas Furniture Co. and that this particular model was in Golden Oak. I did a quick look online and found an ad for this manufacturer in 1906 and that the company was from Jamestown, NY. So this piece did not really travel very far. Jamestown is south of Buffalo. Palmyra, where we are, is about two hours east of Buffalo.

Dave used the template that came with the sink (an American Standard) to draw a circle on the top of the dresser so he could cut out the top. He used a jig saw and then brought out the big gun - the sawsall. The grain in this dresser is really pretty. I'm thinking that maybe we can make some sort of shelf out of the piece we removed from the top.

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