Monday, May 7, 2012

Downstairs Bath Floor #2

This is the plywood we laid down over the old floor and leveling shims. Each itty, bitty x on that floor was supposed to have a screw. I think that's crazy but what do I know. Now this should have been a simple job, right?


Way back when we found out we had powder post beetles. They're nasty little things, like termites that can destroy your home. We got rid of them but quite a bit of damage was done to the joists in the basement. All of that had been repaired.

A week or two ago, when Dave began to screw down this plywood, I heard a whole lot of cussin' happen' from that bathroom. What was happening?

Every time he tried to screw in a screw, the screw turned into nothing. What had happened is that the wood he was trying to screw into, was too powdery to take the screw. Dave had to place additional boards in the basement rafters to have something for the screws to screw into. Needless to say, this job took way longer than it should have.

Note: the hole in the floor is for the toilet.

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